Who We Are

After nearly a decade of working together in the public sector, our directors came together to create Big Blue Door in 2012. Their experience of delivering numerous challenging projects together for public sector clients underlined the key principles upon which the team was founded: the necessity of transparency and knowledge sharing supported by exceptional digital delivery. We therefore invest as much time in educating our clients about their products, and the best ways to use them, as we do developing them.

This client-centered approach, coupled with the responsive Agile way in which we manage projects, has helped us support a wide range of clients, many of whom have chosen to partner with us year on year and consider us to be a seamless extension of their in-house teams.

What We Do

We offer a range of services, including:

Our technology of choice is an open source framework called Drupal, an enterprise solution used by over 1.5 million sites including The Whitehouse, BBC Store, Investors in People and many more. Beyond the success and functionality of sites such as these, we work with Drupal for a variety of other reasons, not least because the underlying code is open source, which means our clients don’t have to pay for the software or any licensing fees, but also because it represents better long-term value by providing a more flexible and scalable foundation upon which to build digital applications.

The vibrant and creative community that surrounds Drupal ensures that the framework continues to develop, both in terms of the functionality it offers and the security of the sites built using its code. Thousands of core and custom Drupal modules that can do almost anything now exist, so rest assured - whatever your requirements, Drupal will work for you.

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