6 reasons to start building on Drupal 8

04 November 2016

Should my website migrate to Drupal 8? More and more Drupal developers are interested in learning about the new features of Drupal 8 and we are not an exception. There are 6 advantages I’ve found diving into the D8 ocean.

Stylish out of the box

Let’s be honest - lack of mobile-friendly and responsive support makes us feel Drupal 7 a little old-fashioned. It’s a real challenge to deal with the Drupal 7 admin panel, even on a tablet. Fortunately Drupal 8 is totally mobile-friendly out of the box, and all themes that come with Drupal 8 are responsive.

Inheritance, polymorphism and encapsulation...

Like many other developers, I think that object-oriented programming has a lot of  advantages. Compared to procedural approach, OPP stuff is easier to maintain, extend and refactor. It’s exciting and scary at the same time - Drupal 8 is very OOP.  

Twig - no logic in the templates

Drupal 7 has PHPTemplate, which allows a lot of very bad practices - heavy business logic, sql queries - this is not full list of unexpected thing that can be found in D7 tpl files.  Twig changes all of that. It will not allow you to throw PHP in a theme template file; you will be forced to pass variables via a preprocess.

Oh My Views!

Almost every Drupal 7 site uses the Views module, it’s one of the most popular contrib module. No need to wait until Views will be ported, it’s already in core; just install and enjoy  site-building.  Web service, breakpoints, date , entityreference, jquery_update, views_bulk_operations, strongarm, migrate; over 2000 contrib modules already ported into D8, and it’s more powerful than ever.

Content manager’s life became much easier.

Drupal 8  brings us a friendly administrator UI and WYSIWYG editors in a core.  In addition, it provides in-line and in-context editing on the page, meaning you will now be able to edit content from the front-end instead of having to go to the back-end. Now Drupal is suitable even to those who have no real website experience.

Be cool!  Be modern!

Drupal 8 is a major topic at every con and camp. Great time to start contributing! A lot of issues , modules and patches are waiting for their heroes.

Big Blue Door keeps up with the times. We are already building our corporate website on Drupal 8. We’ll keep you posted about our D8 experience. Stay tuned ;)