How often should I publish content on my website?

12 December 2016

The short answer is: Every, single, day.

Now I’ll be the first to acknowledge that for a lot of businesses whose core offering is not content, creating interesting engaging articles on a daily basis is not easy. In fact, depending on the available human capital, it may not even be possible.

Search Engines

Before you determine how often to post, you should have a clear understanding of why posting often is important. The reason is simple; you must not let your website content get stale. There are two important reasons for for updating your site content often, the first is for SEO purposes, that is to get the attention of web crawlers that search engines use to index (determine the relevancy of content on) websites.


The other reasons for keeping your website up-to-date with fresh content is not just that it is great for SEO, but your visitors will also appreciate it. Users can get bored very quickly, and as such they need something new each time they visit your site to keep their interest. In fact, this goes hand in hand with SEO for which the whole propose is to make content easier for users to find, so much that the more frequently you update your content, the easier it is for Search Engine web crawlers to index the content, which in turn the easier it will be for users to find your newly published content. Essentially, Search Engines like to see that your website is alive and kicking!

Adding regular must-read articles has a direct affect on the number of monthly visitors to your site, it ensures that you have relevant information available which keeps it in tune with the current trends, it makes your website relevant. I’ve seen many websites which belong to amazing businesses but the website design simply doesn’t reflect that, typically because it was built two and half years ago and hasn’t been given the due attention since. The more frequently you post fresh content, the more often web crawlers will go to your site, giving you a chance to improve your rankings on search results.

Now although posting regular content is crucial, it is important to state at this stage that your rankings will only improve if the content you post is original and of high quality, which means you have to pair great content with frequent posts for the results you want.

Search Engines evolve all the time to ensure the search results they offer are high quality, relevant results. Sometime ago, the big Search Engines became aware of web developers loading their web pages with key search words in an effort to swing search results in their favor, the response was to focus on site content, and context as oppose to key words. This in turn made it difficult for online marketers to ensure high rankings. So the only SEO strategy that works now, and the one to which you can always count on, is search engines love fresh content

While there may not be a need to update your product and service descriptions every week, you cannot let your website become stagnant. If you do not already have one, a blog is a great way to regularly update the content of your website with new entries, demonstrating to search engines that your site is up-to-date, active and worthy of consideration for high rankings.

Help is at hand

Continually feeding your site with new content, moderating comments on posts and responding to user questions left on post can be hard for anyone to manage, and the larger your site grows the more challenging the situation becomes; there can be dozens, maybe hundreds of little tasks to complete, so you may want to consider outsource some of the tasks.

Some questions you should ask are: Who will write my posts? Should I split up the work with guest posts or staff bloggers or outsource blogging completely? There are pros and cons to each of those approaches.

Big Blue Door can help you create the necessary infrastructure to easily publish content to your website on a regular basis get in touch for friendly, non committal chat.