Just imagine

22 August 2016

It is a well known fact in the digital industry that one of the best ways to encourage more users to visit your website is to publish regular, high-quality, engaging content. You have to give users a reason to come back or recommend your site to others. Whether you are writing Facebook posts for your company or publishing an in-depth blog article, the same principles apply. They have been discussed at length on creative blogs and forums, and usually include things like: publish content regularly; create attention-grabbing headlines; and write your own, original content.

Coming from a design background I believe that a key ingredient in publishing engaging content is making it visually appealing - especially through the use of beautiful, high-quality images. However, this is easier said than done! No sooner have you started the search for a suitable image for your next post when you find yourself lost in a swamp of red tape including: exorbitantly-expensive image websites, complicated licences, copyright and permission laws, and photographer acknowledgement. You may be tempted to grab just any image off Google, but this can have serious consequences if you breach copyright and distribution laws.

To our great delight, the Big Blue Door team recently discovered a fantastic, free stock image website that helped to solve all of the above problems:


Pexels is a fast-growing library of high-quality stock images that are licensed under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license. This means that all the pictures found on the site are completely free to be used for any legal purpose - both personal and commercial.

Just a few of the awesome features on Pexels:

  • A prominent search bar on the homepage that allows you to search for images quickly and accurately

  • Browse images by category

  • Images can be downloaded in a variety of sizes

  • When viewing an image the site suggests a colour scheme based on the image and allows you to do a quick search for other images of the same colour scheme

  • No clutter and very few adverts

  • Best of all...the images are free

While there are various other sites available that perform similar functions we’ve found so far that Pexels has met all of our needs and more.

Just imagine a place where you can download great images, for free, without the red-tape headaches.