Design & Development

Our digital designers and development team are there to provide you with cost effective open source solutions that meet your users’ needs. Whether you require a new website, intranet or digital service, they, along with a dedicated project manager, will work with you to:

  • Define a full set of user stories that will dictate the way the service develops;

  • Create a number of design iterations that reflect your brand and requirements;

  • Develop wireframes that map the exact information architecture and functionality required;

  • Plan and deliver a number of development ‘sprints’;

  • Design user testing rounds that work for your team and your stakeholders;

  • Put on training sessions and develop supporting guides for your team;

  • Agree a support and maintenance plan that works for you going forward.

Regardless of the project and which of these stages you commission us to undertake, our transparent, Agile approach means that your team will be involved in how the project develops at every step. They will be able to review progress after each sprint using a secure demonstration platform and decide what they would like to see developed in the next sprint. This way of working also means that you can change elements of your requirements to reflect evolving organisational and user needs at any stage of the project. Everything that we develop for you will be fully responsive across all devices (mobile and tablet) and will adhere to WCAG 2.0 accessibility standards by default. It will also be fully flexible and open to customisation.

Once developed, we are committed to empowering our clients to take control of their systems and their integration into wider business operations. We therefore ensure that everything we develop is designed to allow clients full access via the content management system (CMS) - we only hardcode content as an exception or where required by the client - so your project team won’t have to rely on us to make changes to the platform or spend time and resource on support requests unless they need to.