Osvaldo Caliari

Devops Engineer

Osvaldo is our Devops Engineer with excellent researching and problem solving skills. He works to integrate all aspects of our work environments (Development, UAT/QA, Integration, Production) together to produce a better code lifecycle from local to dev, dev to stage, and stage to production.

Osvaldo spends a significant amount of his time working on our continuous integration processes, ensuring that code can be easily move between different environments and that systems like Jenkins run smoothly across the company, in addition to unit and integration testing.

He is also our dedicated infrastructure and architecture specialist and is experienced in advanced AWS cloud infrastructure, including Autoscaling and Load Balancing. Wider experience includes server provisioning using tools such as Ansible, Puppet, Terraform and CloudFormation.

This coupled with monitoring site performance and uptime keeps Osvaldo busy!

In his spare time Osvaldo likes to attend tech meet ups in London, and spends the weekends relaxing, going to the gym and reading.