Phillip Kynaston

Managing Partner

Phillip leads our technical team and has worked exclusively with Drupal for over seven years, and with PHP and web technologies for the last fifteen. He now takes oversight of our technical teams and takes overall responsibility for our hosting solutions, code quality, and the way we use continuous integration tools such as Jenkins and development tools such as Vagrant. Phillip takes a keen interest in cryptography and has led our drive to encrypt all of our clients data with HTTPS connections, thus ensuring that our clients’ data is secure and that their platforms meet exemplary performance standards. He is also extremely passionate about open source technologies and is an active contributor in the Drupal community.

He is a certified Drupal "Grand Master" through Acquia's certification process (the thirteenth person in the UK to achieve this difficult certification). In addition, Phillip is an Amazon Web Services Certified Solutions Architect (Associate): we believe he was the first person within the UK to hold this combination of certifications, thus making Big Blue Door uniquely positioned within the UK to provide cloud-hosted Drupal solutions.

Phillip works closely with our Lead Developer, Olya, and our Devops Engineer, Osvaldo, to ensure the technical side of the company runs smoothly.

More recently, Phillip has led us through our Cyber Essentials certification, and continues to lead on overall security and technical processes within the company.